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Interactive Read-Alouds
in Grades 3-5


Jessica Ivey

Learn to make your read-alouds meaningful with the process of Interactive Read-Alouds! You'll be ready to implement this right away in your classroom after this one hour webinar!

You are the real deal, Jessica! You communicate and explain everything so well.
~Charlene R.

I feel so much more confident now! ~Crystal G.

I'm excited about making my read-alouds more intentional! ~Sarah K.


August 24



Thursday, August 24

  • 5:00PM Pacific (Los Angeles)

  • 7:00PM Central (Chicago)

  • 8:00PM Eastern (New York)

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Are you ready to get your students thinking deeper while they are reading? Have you been looking for ways to make your picture book read-alouds more rigorous? Don't miss out on this live webinar! 
We'll discuss: